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community as well as promote aviation among townspeople when we stop to visit and display our planes. We often meet the city mayor and news reporters at our overnight stops.

BRANCHING OUT By 1983 a second organization, the Oregon Aviation Historical Society, formed from the ranks of the OACAC membership. OAHS is dedicated to collecting, preserving, restoring and exhibiting Oregon aviation artifacts.  

Their collection is housed at the Oregon Aviation History Center on Wright Field in Cottage Grove, OR. Since OAHS is a sister organization to OACAC, many of our members are also members of OAHS. We also store our club’s assets at the Oregon History Center. Please visit their website for more information.

FLY-OUTS BEGIN In 2007 we held our first overnight Ambassador Fly-Out to Lewiston, ID and went on the Snake River boat trip. Since then, we have had regular fly-outs to expose more people to our club and its goals. We have gone on jet boat rides up & down the Rogue River, hiked through the Oregon Caves & ferried up the beautiful Lake Chelan to the Stehekin Valley.


The Oregon Antique & Classic Aircraft Club (OACAC) was formed in 1980 by a group of Eugene OR area aviation enthusiasts. They were dedicated to raising the public awareness of the major role Oregonians have played in American aviation. Early on, club members learned of the air tours of the 1930’s that were done to arouse interest and enthusiasm in flying. Four air tours were held before WWII diverted the public’s interest to other things.

Air tours didn’t resume until OACAC re-established the practice in 1984. Every even numbered year since that time we have organized an Oregon Air Tour. They are a fun way to develop friendships within the aviation  

1939 Air Tour Flag Ship