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OACAC Board Members

 Mark Baxter                            President  Andy Harris                    Vice-President

 Debra Harris                            Secretary

 Bev Clark                                 Treasurer

 Tim Talen                        Past President  Dorothy Austin                          Director  Daniel Cathey                             Director

 Bill Dewey                                   Director

 Jon Husser                                  Director

 Gary Ludeke                               Director  Brian McGlynn                           Director


Marilyn Husser           Antiquer editor                             

More Information

We hope you  will join us at one of our meetings or events. If you’d like to learn more about the organization, contact us or read about earlier activities in the club newsletter, The Antiquer.

Contact Information


PO Box 423

Independence, OR 97351



The Oregon Antiquer (PDF files)

January 2017 - Vol. XXXVII Issue 1

October 2016 - Vol. XXXVI Issue 4

July 2016 - Vol. XXXVI Issue 3

April 2016 - Vol. XXXVI Issue 2

January 2016  - VOLXXXVI Issue 1     

October 2015 - Vol. XXXV Issue 4

July 2015-Vol. XXXV Issue 3

April 2015-Vol. XXXV Issue 2

January 2015-Vol. XXXV Issue 1

October 2014 - Vol. XXXIV Issue 4

July 2014 - Vol. XXXIV Issue 3

April 2014- Vol. XXXIV Issue 2

January 2014 - Vol. XXXIV Issue 1

October 2013 - Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

July 2013 -Vol. XXXIII Issue 3

April 2013-Vol. XXXIII Issue 2

January 2013-Vol. XXXIII Issue 1

October 2012 -Vol. XXXII Issue 4

July 2012-Vol. XXXII Issue 3

April 2012-Vol. XXXII Issue 2

January 2012-Vol. XXXII Issue 1

October 2011-Vol. XXXI Issue 4

July 2011-Vol. XXXI Issue 3

April 2011-Vol. XXXI Issue 2

January 2011-Vol. XXXI Issue 1